About us

The Real Estagency Dubai is a professional and reliable real estate intermediary that bridges the gap between the Netherlands and Dubai.

The Real Estagency Dubai has emerged from our enthusiasm for Dubai’s real estate market and the city’s future plans.

We, Bouke and Alexandros, are both professional investors. Through The Real Estagency Dubai, we share our Dubai real estate networks, experiences, and knowledge.

The mission of The Real Estagency Dubai is to make the many opportunities in Dubai available in the Netherlands as well. Since Dubai is growing extremely fast and constantly launching new projects, it’s a challenging market to enter. Our established network with various developers and real estate agents in Dubai allows us to create a tailor-made advice for you from all the possibilities. With our legal background and experience as real estate agents in Dubai, we can smoothly manage your investment in Dubai. In this way, we serve as the bridge between the Netherlands and Dubai.