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Reliable guidance for buying, selling, and renting real estate in Dubai.

Dubai Real Estate

Dubai is one of the seven cities located in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a Westernized city in the Middle East, continually striving to become the world’s largest business hub. With its favorable location, Dubai serves as a crucial hub for both passengers and cargo. The oil revenues of Dubai have enabled the city’s enormous development, leading Dubai to now rank as the third-best city in the world.

High Returns

The real estate market in Dubai is unlike any other. NET returns ranging from 6% to 12% on rentals are quite common. Indirect returns in the form of property value appreciation vary between 5% and 20% annually for existing properties and between 10% and 30% annually for new developments.

0% Taxation

Dubai is renowned for its favorable tax regime with highly attractive tax rules for investors. There is no income tax on rental income and profits from real estate sales. This means investors can retain their full returns, resulting in a higher Return On Investment (ROI).


Dubai enjoys a high level of safety and political stability. This provides reassurance to investors seeking capital protection. Dubai has consistently ranked among the top 10 safest cities in the world for several years. The real estate market in Dubai is characterized by a stable and reliable legal framework. Investors have strong property rights and transparent rules that ensure the security of their investments.

About T R E

The Real Estagency Dubai is a company registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. TRE is THE one-stop-shop for advice and support in all real estate-related matters in Dubai.

Our Services

The Real Estagency Dubai provides assistance with:

  • Real estate purchases
  • Real estate sales
  • Real estate rentals
  • Property management
  • Visa applications
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Establishing businesses

Meet the team

Alexandros is a real estate agent from the Netherlands. Over the past year, he has been selling real estate in Dubai. Alexandros is well-versed in all the ins and outs of real estate investment in Dubai, which is why he is engaged in guiding investors.

Bouke is a lawyer from the Netherlands with experience working at various law firms. Thanks to his background, he possesses all the necessary knowledge to draft and verify legal documents. Bouke is well-versed in the Dubai real estate market and is involved in guiding investors.

Free initial consultation

Contact The Real Estagency Dubai to schedule a free and non-binding initial consultation. In this conversation, we will assess the best strategy for your situation based on your preferences.